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BLU Buffs and Discounts


Super excited to share an August update.

BLU Coolmax buffs arrived a few weeks ago and are getting rave reviews.

They are $9 each. What better way to keep your community safe and wear what you believe??!!

Get one for yourself and many to share with family and friends!

There is also a $5 off sale going on right now with the BLU totes. They are beautifully made in Nepal and perfect for taking with you everywhere you go! Why stop with just a sign for your home? The buffs, totes, tops and hats are perfect for spreading what you believe throughout your community.

This month I am also implementing a $2.50 discount for purchasing signs. Stands can be purchased at any local hardware supply store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc for less than $1.50).

Finally, I would love to encourage you to see if you can find 10 people who want signs. It is really time we blanket this country with signs to help us realize there are so many more people that support and fight for our shared humanity.

Free shipping will be provided for orders of 10 signs or more!

Let's work hard in the next few months to grow #TeamHumanity!

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