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BLU Sale on Election Eve

On the eve of our election, there is only one thing I am certain of...regardless of the results, each and everyone of us has work to do for the next for years and beyond. If you are feeling tired, anxious, full of fear for our future and without a sense of purpose, lean into spreading love. I 100% guarantee it will help you feel better AND make a difference in your community as well as raise money for organizations that are doing incredible and vital work in our country.

I decided today to offer 25% discount for the month of November to incent/inspire you to get more BLU products to share in community and start your holiday shopping. The promo code is '2025' as a reminder that, like the next term of our administration, WE must stay engaged and working for the next four years.

This discount will bring incredible products like the tote to just $7.50...get 10 to share with you friends and take BLU everywhere you go. I do not love the idea of deep discounts for BLU because every discount means less $$ I am able to donate but if you shop and share with many friends, the volume of sales will make up the difference and maybe BLU can hit $100,000 donated by the end of 2020. That would be an amazing way to end this unprecedented year. Every person who shops and shares truly makes a difference.

So get

Sala ka khotso.

(Stay in peace in Sesotho)

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