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Don't let up

It has been 36 hours since Biden became our President-elect and washes of relief continue to flood my mind and body. I feel like I can breathe a little better, do you? WHEWWWWW!! Simultaneously, my mind stirs with hope that people will hold onto the feelings of the last 4 years leading up to election day and use them as reminders to stay engaged. This morning, my Facebook memory from 4 years ago popped up. I had shared my good friend Tanmeet Sethi's words in response the outcome of the 2016 election. Seeing them again today, I realize they are still relevant even with a much more positive election outcome:

"November 9, 2016 at 7:48pm · 

Friends, I have a plea...I meant it and still do, we will rise, I have no doubt light will prevail. That being said, what happened here in America is proof of what many of us have known, have experienced all of our lives, what our sorted history still propagates: hatred, racism and oppression.

I ask all my friends, especially of white, heterosexual privilege, to use this as a wake up call, a chance to understand your work must be as important and powerful as that of people of color. You must fight as if your life desperately depends on it as well, because it does. We are all in this together. Even though your outer life may not change much as a result of this election , listen to your heart and know that your world has deeply been affected and fight like hell, rise.

Get out of your bubble.

Think about how you can engage.

Be an ally. Be human."

Just like Joe and Kamala, we all have work to do over the next 4 years (and beyond). To encourage you to spread as much love as possible, I created a promo code '2025' you can use through the end of November to receive 25% off ALL BLU products. It is a great time to spread extra love, get your holiday shopping done &/or outfit yourself with some winter BLU wear (put "I Believe" patches on all your beanies like I have done...the above image was taken after picking up my beanie from the alteration shop 3 years ago today. There is not a winter day that has gone by since without a colorful BLU beanie on my head:)

Spread the word and all your love!!



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