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1 Negative = 90 Positives

Melissa had purchased 2 signs. One for her home and one to give to her parents. When they discovered her parent's sign had been stolen, instead of throwing up their hands and avoiding another loss, Melissa decided she would replace the sign for her parents. But before placing an order, she put out to her Facebook friends that she would be placing an order if they wanted a sign she would consolidate and purchase. She didn't know what to expect but was happily surprised when she received a landslide of messages. She contacted me to see if there was a group discount available for orders of 75 signs.

"YES!", I responded. 75 signs or more would receive a group discount of $15/sign. She was grateful for the savings and said she would get back to me. The next day she placed an order for 80. And the next day the number rose to heart soared each time the number increased. But I was not surprised. In my heart, because I have been doing this for so long, I KNOW this is what it really takes. Just one person reaching into their community with an offer to make accessibility of something just a little easier AND be just a little more vocal about why the sign is important to them. It was my experience starting January 6th, 2017. And every time I consider just giving up the ghost and discontinuing this work, someone like Melissa reminds me that I need to keep on keeping on because MOST people have 1. never seen the sign before or 2. do not know where to get the sign AND 3. that all the profits are donated.

Having a sign mattered 3 years ago, 3 months ago, 3 days ago and will continue to matter 3 days, 3 months and even 3 years from now. Share with your friends like Melissa did. She started with thinking of her family, and thanks to a thief, she discovered she could do more. Follow her lead. Put out an ask to your community and blanket it with love and a commitment to be the change.

I want to remind people, just because we 2 weeks from election night, standing up for what we believe, regardless of who leads our country, will still matter. Vote and continue to stand up, spread love, connect in community, learn and share so real, lasting change can happen in our country.

Closing with wishes of love, safety and hope for the weeks ahead.



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