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March Towards Unity

During these uncertain times, I hope BLU will help provide you with purpose, hope and connection. Today, I will encourage you to help me continue growing the reach and impact of BLU but first going to the online store and make a new purchase for yourself or a friend AND THEN FORWARD the website onto friends and family and invite them to join in the march towards unity. For the entire month of July, you and your friends can use the promo code "unite2020" and receive 10% off every purchase.

July 6th marked the three and a half year mark since I launched myself, without a plan, into trying to find homes for 199 lawn signs. So much has happened and changed in my life and the world since January 6, 2017 but one thing has remained the same and grown stronger. My belief in the importance of taking a stand for what I believe and raising money for organizations doing work in community. This past month, the sales of BLU products enabled the to-date giving to surpass $70,000. More and more people are seeing the message and placing orders, which is wonderful but I KNOW so much more is possible.

In 3.5 years, the fire I had in my heart that fueled my daily work to sell Believe Love Unite merchandise across this country has not waned but instead increased because of the learning, growth, connections and community I have discovered wearing and sharing this message every single day for 1,280. I wish I could adequately convey how, almost every day, I have seen humanity rise up in front of me and reinforce my belief in this work. But my goal is to be brief today and hope that my passion can ignite you to take one extra step today to help me further BLU's reach. It is not a difficult ask for me because I am 100% positive that you will have an experience or learning opportunity that will happen because of your action to support BLU. I know that small steps to spread love will create unexpected ripple effects of impact for you personally and in your community that will help uplift your day.

I thank all of you who have been a part of the BLU campaign for many years and those that have just joined. If you can take one thing away from my personal experience, given that there has been very few days in the last 1,280 that I have not actively or passively worked to promote BLU, is there is always someone who has not yet seen the message or is aware that the profits generated from the product sales benefit organizations that are in alignment with the BLU message.

We must continue marching each and every day!

Sending big love out into the world...


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