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Uplifted by BLU and you!

I'm not going to lie, each day I am hit with moments filled with uncertainty, lack of action or sense of purpose topped with disbelief and frustration of continuing to live in Covid confinement combined with a highly politicized, divisive times we are experiencing. But instead of letting those moments overwhelm my day, I try and get out and see neighbors or while grocery shopping. from behind my mask, I smile and say hello to strangers. I phone bank and write postcards while holding hope in my heart that my voice or written words will momentarily connect with a stranger and remind them that everyone of our voices and votes matter. Each of these actions reminds me that we are so much stronger when we see, reach out to, connect with and support each other. Each of these actions give my heart hope that the uncertain and unsettling moments of 2020 will fade in our memories as we move forward toward real change in our country.

But what really uplifts me each and every day is the work I am lucky to continue doing because of BLU and you. When I receive a notification on my phone or computer that a new BLU order was placed and seeing a stranger's name flash across my screen. Looking to see where in the country I will be shipping to the next day NEVER gets old because, in that moment, I know someone is thinking about standing up for our shared humanity and maybe someone else will follow their lead....the cascade of love spreading continues to blanket our country.

On Monday, because of everyone who continues to spread the BLU message, my day was made so much brighter. I had the opportunity to give Converge Media $2,500 to support their efforts to create content for black and urban audiences.

I was fortunate to spend an hour with founder Omari Salisbury discussing the importance of the work he and his crew are doing to provide platforms, visibility and understanding for BIPOC. Since June, I have tuned into Converge's live streams and Omari's daily Morning Show (11am on Facebook and YouTube). Their work has provided me with better insight and perspective to racial and social justice issues. I highly recommend following their work. CM is grassroots and community funded please consider supporting Converge on a monthly basis. You can make a donation as low as $5/month and it will make a difference. More information can be found here.

Thank you everyone for continuing to champion social justice in your community and for being a part of the Believe LOVE Unite family.

We are stronger together!



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