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2020 has been a year nobody could have anticipated. Many of us are sharing similar feelings as we enter the latter part of the year...weary, uncertain, hopeful, concerned and while yearning for real change. Instead of letting the feelings overwhelm me which will lead to isolation, shutdown and disconnect, I lean into the hopefulness and choose to take little action when and where I can. Thanks to the Believe LOVE Unite campaign, I am reminded (almost daily) that little steps can make small impacts that over time add up to a #BLUwave.

This week, I received an order for 14 signs from a woman in Genesee, Idaho. I had never heard of Genesee and was curious where in Idaho it was located. I Googled to discover it is a town with a population of 900 in the northern third of the state. In a town of 375 households, one wonderful woman, whose sign had been taken from her home, decided not just to replace her loss but asked friends if they wanted a sign too. I am inspired by and hopeful today because of Laurie from Genesee. There is strength in numbers and if we have the courage to invite friends to participate in standing up for change we visibly see and draw strength from each other during these uncertain, unsettling times.

Please consider taking inspiration from Laurie too and get signs to share in your community. When you purchase 10 or more signs shipping is FREE.

$10 “imperfect signs” were added to the BLU shop this week. They may have a scratch or a few dings along the edges but the visual impact is the same. The supply is limited, so take advantage of the discounted price today like Denise in Snoqualmie, WA did, purchasing 5 signs for $50 instead of $100+.

The last source of inspiration for me this week comes from a high school administrator in Chicago, IL. Joaquin has been an avid supporter placing many BLU orders for himself and friends over the past year but this month he thought even bigger. He reached out to me inquiring about purchasing a banner for Maine East High School. I am excited to share that a 20'x14' banner arrived yesterday. I am excited for Maine East's students and the at-large community to see the giant banner hang from the high school tomorrow. (I look forward to sharing images next week!)

Little action steps can lead to great things. I am grateful to the BLU community for providing me with ongoing inspiration that motivates me to keep on keeping on. Please consider doing some BLU shopping and sharing today! I guarantee you will impact and inspire at least one person and be a part of the ripple effect for the #BLUwave.

Sending my best to you and your family. —Tara

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