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45 because of '45'

10.06.20 marked 45 months since placing an order for custom made lawn signs. At that time, I was motivated by exhaustion from unending negativity, fear and hate ‘45’ instigated in 2016. I did not have control over the daily news or incessant conversations focusing on more of the same, but I did have control over my behavior and contribution in my community. I could let the fear and uncertainty shut me down, I could engage in the negativity and hate-filled conversations OR I could stand up for what I believed, so I made a call to get a custom made lawn sign.

1,370 days in front of my home

I NEVER could have imagined that one call would lead to 45 months of learning more about the importance of standing up, being open, connecting outside of “safe” silos, listening, learning and raising over $82,000 for organizations doing vital work to fight for change we so badly need in our . Most importantly, almost daily for 45 months, I have been touched by the beauty of humanity through people sharing what the message means to them or how they or their family were impacted by seeing or standing with the message.

A BLU sign owner received this card last week from her neighbor.

My life has been enriched by choosing to get a sign and then working to spread the message as far as possible.

I share this milestone of 45 months with you and ask that, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the negativity, hate-filled, chaotic times '45' continues to inject into our daily lives, consider challenging yourself, friends and neighbors to shift your focus and spread this message of love in your communities. It does make a difference and #believeLOVEunite will continue to pass the funds to organizations that need support now more than ever. There are discounts when you order 5+ and 10+ signs listed on this order page.

If you want to support an organization in your community with the sales of signs, please email me and we can make it happen.

Let's use the gas '45' continues to pour on our country as fuel to bring unity and real change in communities across our country. We are #STRONGERTOGETHER!

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