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BLUwave Special

  • Does this image move you?

  • Are you already a proud owner of the Believe Love Unite sign?

  • Do you love walking past yours or seeing them in the wild?

If your answer was "yes" to any one of those questions, I ask you to consider placing a order for 5 signs now to be a part of the 2020 BLUWAVE.

Three years ago, I just wanted one sign for myself. Today, because I have experienced time and again the importance and impact this message has in communities across the country, I dream of people (YOU) taking a leap of faith, like the one I took in 2017, and getting signs for their friends, neighbors, family and strangers to display in their homes. This message does bring love, peace, connection and unity in uplifts people, it makes people smile, it makes people think, it stimulates conversation and connection...we need this right now in our country.

If you have a sign already, you can share with your friends what it has meant to you (when you are letting them know you have a signs available.) You are so valuable to the BLUWAVE, you were an early adopter and you are the best BLU influencer to help spread this blanket of love across our country!

If you don't have a sign yet, please don't wait another minute. The 4 additional signs you order will give you strength about displaying yours because your friends will be joining you...once you share with them you have signs to spread😍

Here's a little reminder....

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