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Beyond the March

Thoughts following another incredible Women's March in Seattle. Re-inspired and hoping you will join me. To my core I believe those who join the Spread Love movement will be impacted in ways they can never imagine or engineer AND CONNECTION IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONQUER FEAR AND HATE that has a strangle hold on our country.

I referred to Sarah C. in today's video. She is a woman I have yet to meet in person but have been touched by her courage to join the movement in a big way. Listen to the video above to learn more about this wonderful So. Cal woman. Let her inspire you to step beyond your comfort zone... you will surprise yourself while impacting many others!

I also referred to a "Live" Facebook video I did exactly 1 year ago today. I was exhausted following the inaugural Women's March & the wks leading up to it. I was afraid to watch & listen to myself today, but as I did, I was overwhelmed with emotion listening to me explain why I chose to include each statement and the organizations that coincide with them. What I embarked on just over a year ago & the reasons behind my drive remain the same & it lifted me up to realize how far I have come.

There were a few things I messed up... CAIR-Washington State is Council for AMERICAN Islamic Relations and Pramila Jayapal is currently our Congresswoman...maybe one day Senator (or president:). And I did not mention, when talking about how the design was created not from my own designing, I would have shared the designer, Kristin Joiner's name to honor her. (FYI, I do have license to use my derivation of the design in agreement with Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health & Joiner) In a perfect world I would have had it all dialed from the get go but in the real world, if I had try to be perfect, I most likely would have never tried at all.

As this day comes to a close, my fire is burning a bright as ever to figure out the next step for growing the reach of Spread Love 2017. Contact me if this ignited any ideas for you!

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