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My "Why" is Reaffirmed & Stronger Than Ever

Thanks to the magic of Facebook & my oversharing ways, this morning I was able to watch a "live" video I shared in the early morning hours 1 year ago today. I was with my family in Canada, on vacation & celebrating my son's 14th birthday. I was overwhelmed by how I was going to ensure all the individuals who were ordering and excited to receive their signs/shirts in time for the inaugural Women's March that was just a few days away. It was a very crazy time that affirmed to me that the work I was doing was resonating and I hoped it would carry on beyond the March.

Because I shudder at my own voice & I don't have time to create a polished, perfect presentation I never watch a video before hitting share. I let my deep motivation to share what is in my head, hoping a few would resonate with friends and they could understand my "Why". This morning, I forced myself to watch the video from a year ago and realized once I got through the ramble, (1:45 minutes in) my "why" began to emerge in the message. When the video ended, I was flooded w/ emotion thinking back to that night--I was filled w/ uncertainty of what the right steps were and I was riding an edge of exhaustion but driven/buoyed by a fire burning deep in my soul that I couldn't stop because the message meant so much more to me--but my deep belief in people, love, learning & sharing through connection inspired me to do the best I could. This morning, I realized my 'why" remains exactly the same but is even more deeply seeded in my heart because of the work, connections, learning and love I have experienced this past year trying to share the Spread Love movement as far as I can.


The Spread Love words open the door for new conversations and connections every day and I am as passionate as ever to spread it!

This weekend is the 2nd Women's March. If you are in Seattle you can still get signs, tops, hats and more to march with if you place an order and select pick up. I will also be at Cal Anderson Park early Saturday where you can purchase the day of the March.

If you live in a different part of the country/world, as I said in the video, the March is just one day. The message needs to carry far beyond that day so place your orders, share with friends and help me grow my vision of the possibility of Spread Love 2017 far beyond my current dreams.

May we come together Saturday and carry the soul fuel of community back to our homes and continue to make impact in little and big ways.

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