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368th Day

On Saturday, I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of placing my 1st 200 sign order.  Although so much has happened in 1 year, I often find I have the same feelings I did during those first few weeks.  Love for the country I live in, hope for more positive conversations, connections and standing up for all individuals that make our country great and nervousness that I will not be able to realize the visions I see in my head for sharing the Spread Love message.  Almost everyday of 2017 that passion for something better combined with uncertainty of how I was going to move things forward propelled me to at least try.  I think 2018 will be more of the same and I hope the outcome for this campaign will far exceed the vision I see in my head...just like 2017.

Because, just like every other adult I know, I find my time is limited and pulled in a zillion directions everyday and putting articulate, edited thoughts to paper to share isn't possible, I am going to push past my extreme discomfort of video sharing and just share when I can, however I can and hope that you will take a moment or two whenever you can and listen and share your thoughts with me.  

Here are my thoughts from today...

And if you are up for more here is the 1 year anniversary video.

I'm having an open house on Saturday in Seattle if you would like to come by and pick up some great Spread Love items.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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