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11 months...Holiday thoughts & more!!

Everyday I find I have ideas, thoughts, news, etc to share but I just don't have enough time to slow down and put pen to paper. Today, as I walked into this park to hide a rock (check out Instagram, I decided video capture was the only way I could convey a the thoughts running through my head and get them out into the world. It always makes me uncomfortable sharing videos. They are all off the cuff, w/ little to zero planning and I usually forget a few things or say things incorrectly which then leaves me not wanting to post it. SUPER uncomfortable. But I realize I care so much about this campaign that I will just have to be ok w/ uncomfortable or fear of judgement.

My hope is I can close out 2017 with this campaign continuing to grow and carry that momentum into 2018...lots more work to do!

When I go home, I realized the rock I hid where I am sitting in this video was the perfect rock for the moment. It was completely unintentional (grabbed the rock on my way out of the house) but right on. I will push past my discomfort and work towards being a part of the change I wish to see in the world.

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