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Spread Love Saturday hits NYC

Finding myself in NYC over the weekend, I had fun leaving little Spread Love & Seattle Rock stashes as we wandered through Manhattan. A spot would inspire me, I would snap a few pics, quickly move on to avoid questioning eyes while posting the images & a little message on Instagram & Facebook before carrying on with our meandering exploration of the island.

My hope with SL Saturdays is twofold:

1. Have people across the country, or even better yet, across the world take a moment out of their Saturday to put a little love or act of kindness out into their world.

2. To further the organic spread the of the SL2017 message.

It is very simplistic. I don’t spend time planning when or how I will put the love out into the world and I do not hold onto any expectation that I will learn how the love is found or received. I find that just the simple act of doing it makes my day a bit happier. I take time to be in the moment, take in the beauty of my surroundings and think about how or where I can best leave my pebble of love. Although it began as putting little love gifts out into the world, I have found it has become a little gift I am giving to myself, too.

I returned home last night and when I woke up to a message on Instagram from someone who found one of the stashes (see images at bottom of post). It was the best way to start my Monday...seeing the ripples of love spreading inspires me to keep on keeping on.

I am sharing the #SpreadLoveSaturday posts I made while in NYC. Join me in the Saturdays to come and put out your own version of love into the world. I would love if you share it with me (via email, text, Facebook--tag @SpreadLove2017 or Instagram--tag @spreadlove.2017 including #spreadlovesaturday & #spreadlove2017). Help me propel the ripple into a wave.






"Search for peace. Show respect. Stop NOT ONE MORE DEATH"

"Bridging the gap from love to peace."

"We must always remember...spread love, it matters."

"#SpreadLoveSaturday in the melting pot capital of the🌎.

"Magic dragon closing out #spreadlovesaturday in #nyc"

A look at the little message I leave so the finder knows they can take things, keep one and pass the others along. Join me for the next Spread Love Saturday!!

p.s. it does not have to be pretty or just has to be put out with love by you & if you want to include some Spread Love 2017 swag that would be great!!

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