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How Love Spreads...

Since the SL2017 campaign's inception, it has been about connections made with each sign, shirt, hoodie, hat, bumper sticker, etc. sold and the hopeful ripple effect that exchange will have to push further into areas the signs on my front yard or car cannot reach and the impact the effort can have on organizations that need unfathomable support to make real impact in our world. This has driven me each and every day of the past 8 months to keep sale at a time, even if there are only a few made each day. I tell myself the ripple is rippling even when the waters are quieter & my mind is spinning on my end.

During my times of doubt, I have always received unexpected reminders to keep on keeping on and I wanted to share one I received this weekend via a Facebook message.

"Just moved here a week ago and already got a sign. Think it's awesome what you're doing and can't wait to share with friends and family back in Denver, CO. Think everyone I know will want to be a part of this community and your movement.

I will be picking up some to take by to Denver in 2 weeks to give to friends and family while I finish the move. Thanks!!--Sarah"

Very grateful to Sarah for taking time out of her day to share this with me...I really needed it this weekend!

There is still so much work to do and so many places Spread Love 2017 can reach, make impact and raise funds for local communities. Last week marked the first Spread Love partnership that will benefit local communities in Boise, ID & Blacksburg, VA. Please contact me if you would like to learn how you can bring SL2017 to your city or town and raise funds for local organizations.

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