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Inspiring connection made...

This morning, as I was running around town my phone ring. On the other end was the sweet voice sharing with me that she had walked past a sign in Madrona a few days ago and could not figure out where it was from but so badly wanted one for her house. Today, thanks to Barbara Staley, Helen was able to connect the dots and came to my house to pick up signs and a sweatshirt. After sharing niceties, Helen shared how much it meant to her that I was doing this. She shared that in the '60s she remembers being asked during job interview if she was taking birth control. She had to lie and say no in order to get the job. She landed the job and every Thursday she loaded up her VW bus and drove to New York to volunteer with abortion services. At the time, NY was the only place legal abortions were being done. Every week the location had to change because of protesters. She shared how women of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic classes....married church leaders, young women, older women, they all came seeking quality care and support. I feel so fortunate to be connecting with incredible, unique individuals in the community and across the country through the Spread Love campaign. I am learning so much and being touch daily by generous, kind, loving human beans and I wish I could share each of their stories. We are #STRONGERTOGEHER #spreadlove #silencehate #spreadlove2017

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