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BLU Rolling into 2020

It has been almost exactly one year since my last blog post. It is not because I stopped working to spread the Believe LOVE Unite (BLU) message or became any less passionate about trying to be a part of the change I hope to see in the world. I have continued to sell online and in person, but needed to take time to get a little quiet and figure out if and how I could further the reach of this organic campaign beyond just one person working unpaid & alone in Seattle buoyed by support, positive words, and my own dreams. I needed to figure out if I had the courage, energy, commitment, knowledge and support to propel this work instead of letting it slowly slip away to a being a "nice effort" project. I am very excited to say, thanks to many enthusiastic individuals, I am kicking off today another BLU Wave that I hope turns into a giant BLU Tsunami of love, learning, conversations, kindness, unity, and connections.

I want to start by giving my sincerest thank to each and every person who purchased a BLU (formerly Spread Love 2017) sign, shirt, bumper sticker, hat, etc. Because of you, I had the courage to keep on keeping on over the since January of 2017. Because of you, BLU has been able to donate $66,500 to non-profits who are doing work that are in alignment with the Believe LOVE Unite message. BECAUSE OF YOU I KNOW there are more and more people out there who will want this message and be a part of stemming the tide in our country's behavior that has us filled with anger, throwing daggers at strangers, putting our heads down and staying safe inside the silos that are most comfortable and familiar, and letting the fear and mistrust of others become our narrative. I BELIEVE we are a country filled with incredible humans, stunning environments and loving souls that are stronger together when we can take a stand for and with each starts with a sign or wearing what you believe and it does grow.

And now I need to start working a muscle of mine that I am not good at....asking for your help and support. Without you, I cannot further my reach any faster than I have. And I KNOW this country needs more of the BLU Wave than the fear and loathing one. Please join me again by purchasing more products for your home, family, friends and then getting a little more for your friends and family to buy....they will want it. Now that I have sold over 7,000 signs, I can pretty much guarantee anyone that if they get 9, 19 or 99 more than they were planning on beyond the one for themselves, that they will find people who will want them in their community AND you will get your $$ back.

We are working to become as eco-friendly as possible with new Ts, hoodies, and soon-to-arrive beanies. We have new, fun products that make fab stocking stuffers and great holiday gifts. Shop today and get excited about giving gifts this holiday season that will make people smile while having your spending make a difference.

There are a few bullet point ideas in the picture above. Chose one to do this week, another the following week and so on and so forth. I will be over the moon to start seeing the ripple effect you will make.

Please join me to make a big impact in your community, state and country. We are stronger together.

If you want to get right to work, head to

now and order a few things!

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