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My 1st Interview

In January of 2017, I unintentionally founded the grassroots Spread Love campaign that has challenged me, inspired me, opened me, knocked me down and then lifted me back up. It has provided me with infinite learning and a deeply fueled passion to push past my fears, listen to my heart & find creative ways and new connections to help me move towards the visions I see in my head about the great potential this movement has yet to reach. Because I lack a strong filter or the time that requires me to be clearly articulate or edited, I have shared my self-doubt openly in my video updates. Sharing my discomfort and lack of certainty always leaves me with a tinge of disgust in myself...after the sharing, a voice in my head would say, "no one wants to hear your sob story struggles & they do not need to see any more tears." Today, I am excited to share an interview I had last week that helped me realized the importance of being open to struggles and sharing them so others can realize their feelings of worry or hardship when following their intuition is something that we can learn from and take strength from instead of fearing or shutting down.

I met Lucianne Hackbert after she placed an shirt order for Black Lives Matter week and we exchanged stories of hopefulness we have for our country intertwined with frustration we see with individuals uncertainty of what they can do to move progress towards equity and peace for all forward. Lucianne is taking her years of experience as a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant to help individuals and companies to use "everyday interactions to build resilience and foster social change".

"Relationships are the primary way to strengthen our capacity for resilience. Change happens through intentional and respectful everyday interactions coupled with a sustained commitment to social justice."

I am grateful for having this campaign in my life to have connected me to this wise, thoughtful and articulate woman and I am excited to share the interview she conducted with me regarding the genesis of the Spread Love campaign. Here is a link to our conversation...Prepare to Pivot.

I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have an idea you have been dreaming about executing, reach out to Lucianne to get support in your preparation to pivot!

Picture courtesy of Kim Preston Photography

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