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Throwback Thursday

A Facebook post popped up today from 1 yr ago. Memories of Nancy’s unsolicited, unbelievable support still flood me with gratitude. For her, she may think she could’ve done more but for me she show d up BIG just when I needed it most. Support continues to show up just when I find my mind or heart flailing...regardless of the duration or amount of support we can give in our daily lives, we need to remember anything form of support will have impact that cannot be measured but is always felt. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

FACEBOOK post from 3/21/17 Nancy Chapin came to my very 1st Pop Up at Volunteer Park. The night before the Women's March on Washington: Seattle, she dropped by my house at 11pm to get a few hoodies. It was a night I will never forget. My 1st shipment of hoodies had arrived and my house was FILLED w/ boxes, signs, shirts and hoodies. EVERYWHERE. My husband was at work & all I could think of was how crazy he was going to think I was when he walked in the door after midnight. Nancy was so excited to get hoodies for the march & was grateful I was ok w/ her stopping by so late. In the end it was one of the most meant to be moments. Nancy saved my sanity (& my husband from having a heart attack) as she loaded up her car with signs & boxes of clothing to take home & deliver to me the next morning at the march. She allowed me to breathe and believe I wasn't a crazy woman. After the march she took signs and some clothes to sell for me. This was wk 2 of my little dream & her support & enthusiasm meant the world to me. Tonight she stopped by to drop off the money from her sales efforts. FOREVER GRATEFUL, NANCY! 😘 If anyone wants to follow in Nancy's footsteps...the more feet on the ground to #spreadlove the faster and farther the movement will grow. #whynotyou. Follow the Spread Love movement.  


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