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Awesome, uncomfortable & disheartened

These are all feelings that motivated me to get out of my car today and put myself out there knowing that my work may fall flat.  At the end of the day, I sit here worn out but relieved that at least I can say I tried...

This is the image I tried to capture while recording.  Beautiful, poignant temporary art in Capitol Hill.

Robin & I were planning on having lunch together to catch up but she ended up being my driving around the city wingman which made my day!  Just by chance (thanks to FB memory that popped up) it was 1 yr ago today when we reconnected while she picked up 13 signs to sell to her Bellevue and Oregon friends. We went to college together and had only seen each other once since. That day I told myself that regardless what happened with selling the 200 signs it was worth the risk because it allowed me to reconnect with an amazing woman. And now we try and see each other regularly❤️. Grateful for Lawn signs in my life!!  Always a reminder you can’t control outcomes but nothing will happen if you don’t try. 

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