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Get gifts of love that will also give back...

Holiday Sale

Looking for the perfect gifts of love to give? Spread Love 2017 is hosting an OPEN HOUSE sale this Sunday on Capitol Hill from 10am-2pm. Email or call for location.

There are gifts for all ages and genders.

  • Canvas tote bag that reads, "In My Home, We Believe"

  • Just arrived Tees that read, "I BELIEVE"

  • Posie Turner socks with the perfect life mantras that will brighten any day for the person who slips them on. Seattle's Posie Turner socks are the passion business of my friend, Leslie Ota. She choose the highest quality Peruvian made socks to sport her uplifting, unique designs.

  • A beautiful 7x7" photo book that makes the perfect gift year round. "you are loved" book is filled with stunning and whimsical images, each containing a heart. Kids and adults alike LOVE this book by my friend, Kyle Sydney Powell.

  • Jewelry, candle holders and special heart boxes sourced from Asian & African handcrafts.

  • Spread Love swag to allow everyone to wear what they believe.

  • SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS....this is how the campaign started and I know I have a lot more ground to cover. If I could tell you every story of how the signs have impacted the owners I would be sharing until 2018! Even if you have a quiet home front void of passerbyers, the sign will impact you each time you pass. It has for me every day for 10+ months and others have said the same.


I am hoping to close 2017 out with a bang and carry the momentum into 2018.

#TOGETHERWERISE If you are not in Seattle or cannot me it all items except Posie Turner socks are online at (Find PS socks at

All profits donated to SL2017 nonprofits— KUOW Public Radio, IRC, Planned Parenthood , OneAmerica, It Gets Better Project, Water1st International , Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment , CAIR-Washington State, & The Village of Hope

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