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The Ripple...

In January, soon after the Women's March I began dreaming of finding ways to get the Spread Love message into all corners of the country and have the funds impact cities and towns everywhere.  I wasn't sure how I would make it possible given my limited reach in the upper left corner.  The dream went dormant but never left my mind and in August a plan formulated in my head.  Traveling through Boise, bound for a week off the grid, I visited Flying M Coffeehouse and thought it would be a great spot for Spread Love 2017 to launch out of WA State.   As I drove out of town, I emailed Kent Collins, owner of Flying M.  It was my first Spread Love cold call and I was a bit anxious hitting send but off it went and off I went to a week in the great outdoors where the anxiety was soon replaced with peaceful, hopeful thoughts.

As soon as I returned to the land of connectivity, I discovered an enthusiastic email from Kent saying he was all in.  My heart soared.  I was (and continue to be) grateful for his excitement to jump on board to Spread Love train. 

Flying M's first signs arrived in September and last week they met with women from the Idaho Organizing Project's DACA committee.  Kent sent me the picture of them together along with this email:

"Hey, Tara! Here is the pic with the Idaho Organizing Project ladies- they were the sweetest! I gave them their first check of $300 and they were stunned that it was so much! Thank you so much for involving us in this! ❤️ -Kent"

Sign by sign, little by little this grassroots campaign is taking root.  I would love to replicate these community based efforts in small businesses across our country.  I cannot think of anything better...blanketing neighborhoods with the Spread Love message and raising money for them too!  If you are reading this and wondering how you can bring Spread Love to your community please contact me ASAP to keep this ripple rolling!!

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