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Spread Love Saturdays

I woke up Saturday dispirited by the divisive statements of our country's leadership and the suffering of so many lives devastated by natural disasters. While I was working out, it came to me that I could continue to have my head spin in sadness, frustration and anger OR I could focus on what is important to me...standing up for what I believe and putting a little love out into the world. "Spread Love Saturday" popped into my brain and before going home I decided I should launch it before my day got away from me and it became a fleeting idea. I had a great time leaving some love around Lake Union and looked forward to doing it again in a week's time.

To kick off the next #SpreadLoveSaturday. I am having an open house Saturday from 9am-11am. We will be painting rocks (and coming up with other ideas that can be left out in the world) and everyone will leave with some Spread Love 2017 goodies to include in their own SLS drop.

Contact me if you would like to join us on Saturday or future events.

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