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My "Why"

In late June, I received a phone call from Kim, a Fair Trade store owner in Spokane who had been impacted by the Spread Love signs while visiting Seattle and she was hoping to get some signs to sell in her store. I shared how thrilled I was that she would want to join the movement in such a big way and how I hoped we could created a plan that her work would benefit organizations local to her area. She took a leap of faith and purchased 50 signs.

She chose 3 organizations, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands, Refugee Connection Spokane and Spokane NAACP to support and let each person who purchased a sign decide which of the three organizations they wanted the profits of their purchase to benefit. Within a month, Kizuri sold out and placed a second order and today I received this email update from her that buoyed me just when I needed it most.

The fundraising aspect of Spread Love 2017 is important to me but from the very beginning, I have been driven by my passion for people, creating new connections and building bridges and pathways for understanding, equality and unity. Because this aspect of the campaign is not tangible or measurable, it is difficult to explain to people and often I question myself about if all the time, energy, stress and tears is worth giving when I can not benchmark what is most important to me. Almost every day, in small ways, I am reminded by the importance of pushing this message out and stimulating positive conversation but I am unable to clearly articulate my "Why" to people. In just afew words, Kim exemplified my "Why" and I will be forever grateful for her sharing and the perfect timing of her email.

Words and action do matter. When we stand up, walls can come down and real, meaningful and powerful connections organically take place that will carry communities in this country together through difficult times and create positive change that the United States desperately needs!

If you are a business who wants to join Spread Love 2017 to benefit the 9 SL2017 organizations as well as one or more in your community, PLEASE contact me to learn more!

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