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Discovering a #UNITER

On Monday, an order popped into my inbox for 5 signs purchased by a woman in West Seattle. Given that it was a holiday week, shipping would be slowed, I decided to hand deliver the signs to West Seattle.

When I walked up to the home, I was surprised to find they had already joined the Spread Love movement with a sign. My heart soared. This is what I hope more and more people will consider doing...buying a sign for yourself if great...buying signs to spread beyond yourself embodies the movement! This action will exponentially compound conversations, ideas, unity and community...and I promise it will bring so much positivity into your life at the least expected times. This is what our society needs to find strength and have our voices heard. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

Consider following this wonderful family's lead. Buy a few extra Spread Love items--tell your friends you have them and they will buy them from you, give as gifts, outfit your whole a #UNITER!!

Spread Love Uniter

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