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Today marks 6 months since I ordered my 1st 200 signs...I had noplan but HUGE optimism that I could find a home for 199 signs & raise some $$ at the same time. So much has happened, so many amazing people have crossed my path & lifted my spirits in that time.
Today also marks the 4th anniversary of one amazing woman, mother, powerhouse, optimist & friend's passing. Stacey loved life, her family, people & impacted every person she met. I miss her smile, giggle & light in our world each & every day.
Tonight I was out on date night with my husband & I felt like Stacey winked & gave me the biggest high five to remind me that everything was going to be okay & keep marching on in this crazy journey to Spread we drove away from the restaurant, I saw a woman walking. As we passed her, I realized it was Pat Wright, leader of Total Experience Gospel Choir I LOVE PAT WRIGHT!! REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. I told my husband he needed to turn around asap so I could say hello & thank her for the gifts of her voice, leadership & commitment she gives to the Seattle community.
I have seen her perform so many times around the city, most recently at Seattle's Naturalization ceremony on the 4th of July & the at @braincancerorg walk in May.
Randomly, I met her 10+ yrs ago at the post office. She had boxes & boxes of items she was sending to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I did not know her at the time but was amazed by one woman sending such love & support to people in need. Her spirit imprinted on me that day& months later I saw her performing. She is stamped on my heart & mind as a woman who gives her heart & gifts so openly & powerfully to the world.
I still cannot believe I got to see her tonight, thank her for the work she does in our city & I learned that she continues to send support to New Orleans.
Every day I struggle w/ questions of what I am doing, how I can do more & feeling inadequate. Tonight I feel like Stacey gifted me with Pat. A reminder that it is a marathon & to keep on keeping on & draw inspiration around us. 
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