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Our Youth, Our Future

Following my spin workout today, the instructor's 6 year old daughter, Tabatha, joined her up front and handed out origami fortunes she had made during the hour class. Her mom then shared with her that I was in the class and let me know that she LOVED their sign and had memorized what it said. Tabatha, in front of the entire class, then recited for memory the "In This House" message. It was awesome.

I share this because it is something I have heard often from parents--moms received Mother's Day cards from their kids with the message written inside, kids recite it every night as they go to many heart lifting moments have been shared. Kids are our future and to them, this message resonates and seems obviously simple.

I would love to have videos of all the kids reciting this message the makes so much sense to them. They are the leaders of our future but what if we had them lead the Spread Love movement. Love and Peace would surely follow much faster!!

If your kid(s) love this message, see if they will do a video and send it to me. Maybe we could blast the air waves with beautiful, unique voices of our future!

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