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The Wishing Tree

This morning I found myself running past the Wishing Tree. (I knew it was in my neighborhood but had never seen it in person). I stopped in my tracks taking in the stunningly beautiful scene. There must be thousands of wishes hanging. So many wonderful thoughts and hopes. I sat down and wrote my own wish, took a few pictures, sat a bit longer to slow myself down & appreciate what was before me, what I have in my own life and let go of the overwhelming thoughts.

It was time to carry on and get back home. I rounded the corner and saw a Spread Love sign in the Wishing Tree's yard. My heart lifted once again with gratitude. I decided I must knock on the homeowner's door to express my thanks for the beautiful corner of wishes and for having a sign. The stranger opened the door & I shared my thanks. She shared why she started the Wishing Tree 2 years ago & we realized we had many things in common--photography, 3rd world travel, a love for peace and humanity. We talked for 20 minutes, she let me capture a couple images of her--I found her ease of spirit, openness and love radiated from her & beautifully reflected in her door. It was time to carry on with my run. As I walked down the steps to the sidewalk my mind was heart was doing little flips. In such a short time, in such simplistic yet phenomenally beautiful ways, I was reminded of the importance to slow down, appreciate the beauty in front of me and to be grateful for each moment. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stumbles across beautiful moments this weekend!!

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