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Tomorrow will mark 2 wks to the phone call I made to Magic Mike PrintingPlus. I had ZERO knowledge about lawn signs but was driven by the desire to have one in front of my home. Weds I picked up the largest batch yet...and my gut tells me the signs won't be in boxes long. :) And I am finding the same is true about the shirts. I am excited to get out and share the hard work that Mike and his staff and Ken, Genesis Branding. It is because of them and their willingness to work w/ a impassioned woman who has no idea how many pieces she will sell that these things are ready to hit the streets. NOW THE WORK BEGINS TO RAISE AS MUCH MONEY FOR LOCAL ORGS WHILE UNITING COMMUNITIES TOGETHER UNDER BLANKET OF LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING FOR OUR FELLOW MAN AND PLANET. Who's in w/ me? Help me sell out before end of day tomorrow so I can go back to Mike and Ken to order more and do it again next week and beyond!! #spreadlove2017 #silencehate #strongertogether


Thurs Jan 19: Volunteer Park 10am-11:30 Gas Works Park 1pm-2:30 Jane Adams (11051 34th Ave NE) 5pm-6:30 Fri Jan 20 Maple Leaf Park 9am-10 MOHAI (SLU) Parking area 11:30-2pm Garfield High School 6pm-8

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