January 23, 2018

Thoughts following another incredible Women's March in Seattle.  Re-inspired and hoping you will join me.  To my core I believe those who join the Spread Love movement will be impacted in ways they can never imagine or engineer AND CONNECTION IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONQUER FEAR AND HATE that has a strangle hold on our country.

I mentioned a blog post I wrote 2 yrs ago that I discovered this weekend, reaffirming I have always been moving towards fighting hate through creating new connections.  I am proud of what I wrote and would love for you to weigh in with your thoughts and ideas...my HUMAN CONNECTIVITY CONSERVATIONIST ARTICLE FROM 1/21/2015

I referred to Sarah C. in today's video.  She is a woman I have yet to meet in person but have been touched by her courage to join the movement in a big way.  Listen to the video above to learn more about this wonderful So. Cal woman.  Let her inspire you to step beyond your comfort zone... you will sur...

January 5, 2018

Lots to share as tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of placing my order for the first 200 signs. 364 days in and I believe there is much more to do w/ this campaign and my hope is you will join me in pushing it forward. 

Also, The payment system is down for the shopping cart. If you were wanting to place an order today give me a call at 206-335-8098 and I will manually process the order and ship it out early next week.


Together We Rise!

January 26, 2017

Tonight, after my soccer carpool duties were complete, I pulled off the road to catch my breath. The peaceful, serenity that enveloped me was unbelievable. A walk down the T-Dock that I will never forget. 

Just over 2 wks ago, I took the leap of faith buying 200 signs, hoping people would want one and join the Spread Love campaign. Last night, I took inventory. 
I have now sold approx 1,450 signs, 450 shirts and 100+ hoodies!! And that number will continue to grow. I have new items coming (kids shirts, bumper stickers, beanies and trucker hats) and next week I will be donating the first seeds of love to all the organizations. 
Please help me continue to grow this campaign. Signs are heading out to all corners of the country but it is just a trickle. Right now I feel like we are knitting a LOVE net...Help me create and spread a huge, thick ❤️ blanket. 
Find all products in the shop section on this FB page. You can buy 5 signs and get one fre...

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