November 19, 2019

It has been almost exactly one year since my last blog post.  It is not because I stopped working to spread the Believe LOVE Unite (BLU) message or became any less passionate about trying to be a part of the change I hope to see in the world.  I have continued to sell online and in person, but needed to take time to get a little quiet and figure out if and how I could further the reach of this organic campaign beyond just one person working unpaid & alone in Seattle buoyed by support, positive words, and my own dreams.  I needed to figure out if I had the courage, energy, commitment, knowledge and support to propel this work instead of letting it slowly slip away to a being a "nice effort" project.  I am very excited to say, thanks to many enthusiastic individuals, I am kicking off today another BLU Wave that I hope turns into a giant BLU Tsunami of love, learning, conversations, kindness, unity, and connections.  

I want to st...

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