June 1, 2018

One year ago today, 5 months into the Spread Love campaign, I didn't know what was possible.  My head was telling me to shut down because of the hate and divisiveness swirling in the media and daily conversations leaving me feeling a bit hopeless.  But my heart was yelling louder to keep pushing on with the dreams dancing in my head.  Dreams of what could be possible if people could rise up and connect around one unifying message.  Dreams that were being realized through connections made in my local community and across the country.  Instead of shutting down, I unfurled a banner I had purchased with dreams to have it fly atop the Space Needle...I settled with letting it fly on my house and continue to hold onto the dream of bigger venues.

All the feelings I had a year ago remain but have grown stronger.  I am more concerned about what is happening every day in our country but I am also more passionate about finding ways to grow...

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