December 8, 2017

Everyday I find I have ideas, thoughts, news, etc to share but I just don't have enough time to slow down and put pen to paper.  Today, as I walked into this park to hide a rock (check out Instagram @seattle.rocks), I decided video capture was the only way I could convey a the thoughts running through my head and get them out into the world.  It always makes me uncomfortable sharing videos.  They are all off the cuff, w/ little to zero planning and I usually forget a few things or say things incorrectly which then leaves me not wanting to post it.  SUPER uncomfortable.  But I realize I care so much about this campaign that I will just have to be ok w/ uncomfortable or fear of judgement.  

My hope is I can close out 2017 with this campaign continuing to grow and carry that momentum into 2018...lots more work to do!

When I go home, I realized the rock I hid where I am sitting in this video was the perfect rock for the mo...

December 5, 2017

Do you have some favorite family pictures but are having a hard time finding the perfect holiday card this year?  I was struggling with this the past few weeks and thanks to an inquiry I received via Spread Love message Sunday a light bulb went off.  Years ago (before Tiny Prints & Shutterfly), this time of year I spent BURIED in holiday card design for my photography clients.  So I reached back into my tool kit and stayed up late into the night designing our card, hoping my husband would approve when he returned from work.  He did and it was off to the printer.

I am excited to send it to close out 2017 and am hoping it will remain on people's refrigerator, mantle or wall in 2018 (photo side down:).

I would LOVE to send more "In Our Family We Believe" cards out into the world.  You can have a one of a kind card made w/ love if you contact me by 12/11 w/ images and what you would like the card to say.  I can create ANY layout of...

December 4, 2017

The Spread Love movement is spreading a message of humanity while raising awareness & funds for nonprofits doing vital work in our country.

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