September 28, 2017

Spread Love 2017 delivered another $1,000+ donation to Planned Parenthood  yesterday. As I returned to my car, I noticed the engraved pavers (swipe right) I was transfixed by donors words of wisdom & compassion! Their gifts ignite the fire within me to keep pushing as far as possible with SL2017. Thank you  Portage Bay Grange & Little Lago for partnering in this effort to support Planned Parenthood.    


September 27, 2017

Flying M Coffeehouse in Boise, ID is the 1st out of WA State business to join the Spread Love movement. They are selling signs and bumper stickers with their profits being donated to the Idaho Organizing Project’s  DACA Committee to help out with DACA fees. 

They are moving through their first shipment quickly and hoping to get Spread Love 2017 into neighborhoods in and beyond Boise. They are a uniquely awesome establishment in the city and I am thrilled to have them partner with SP2017!  If you are in Boise or just passing through head to Flying M for great drink, food, gifts and some Spread Love!

September 27, 2017

Citizen power and civic responsibility.

September 26, 2017

 I woke up Saturday dispirited by the divisive statements of our country's leadership and the suffering of so many lives devastated by natural disasters.  While I was working out, it came to me that I could continue to have my head spin in sadness, frustration and anger OR I could focus on what is important to me...standing up for what I believe and putting a little love out into the world.  "Spread Love Saturday" popped into my brain and before going home I decided I should launch it before my day got away from me and it became a fleeting idea.  I had a great time leaving some love around Lake Union and looked forward to doing it again in a week's time.  

To kick off the next #SpreadLoveSaturday.  I am having an open house Saturday from 9am-11am.  We will be painting rocks (and coming up with other ideas that can be left out in the world) and everyone will leave with some Spread Love 2017 goodies to include in their own SLS drop....

September 18, 2017

In late June, I received a phone call from Kim, a Fair Trade store owner in Spokane who had been impacted by the Spread Love signs while visiting Seattle and she was hoping to get some signs to sell in her store.  I shared how thrilled I was that she would want to join the movement in such a big way and how I hoped we could created a plan that her work would benefit organizations local to her area.  She took a leap of faith and purchased 50 signs.

She chose 3 organizations, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands, Refugee Connection Spokane and Spokane NAACP to support and let each person who purchased a sign decide which of the three organizations they wanted the profits of their purchase to benefit.  Within a month, Kizuri sold out and placed a second order and today I received this email update from her that buoyed me just when I needed it most.

The fundraising aspect of Spread Love 2017 is important to me but from th...

September 13, 2017

Since the SL2017 campaign's inception, it has been about connections made with each sign, shirt, hoodie, hat, bumper sticker, etc. sold and the hopeful ripple effect that exchange will have to push further into areas the signs on my front yard or car cannot reach and the impact the effort can have on organizations that need unfathomable support to make real impact in our world.  This has driven me each and every day of the past 8 months to keep going...one sale at a time, even if there are only a few made each day.  I tell myself the ripple is rippling even when the waters are quieter & my mind is spinning on my end.

During my times of doubt, I have always received unexpected reminders to keep on keeping on and I wanted to share one I received this weekend via a Facebook message.

"Just moved here a week ago and already got a sign. Think it's awesome what you're doing and can't wait to share with friends and family back in Denver, CO. Think everyone...

September 12, 2017

This wkend, a young man, Mario with Safelite Autoglass repaired my windshield & provided top quality service. I learned he just turned 20 & is DREAMER who came to the US when he was 6 months old. His father was a dreamer too, having been brought with his family at 10 yrs old and also worked for Safelite for many years. Mario proudly shared, "Some of the guys my dad trained are now managers. I didn't intend to follow in his footsteps, but I learned all there is to know about auto glass installation and repair from him and this is a great company to work for because they provide many opportunities for advancement within the company."
I thanked Mario for his great service and for sharing a bit of his story with me. I was sharing my anger about the end of #DACA, he reached for his wallet and pulled out his USA Employment Authorization card and said how thankful he was to have his current job because the card had just expired. He showed me an email he...

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