August 29, 2017


Donation drop off days are always special & each time I learn more about the organizations doing vital work day in and day out.  


Over 100 years ago, Margaret Sanger bravely worked to provide birth control information for immigrants and founded Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The access to care, medical services and support provided by Planned Parenthood continue to be vital to the well-being of our country. 

Very happy to deliver ($1,555) another Spread Love donation to support their work. 

Thank you Seattle Storm and Portage Bay Grange for your contributions to this donation. 

We are #strongertogether!

August 25, 2017

When an on online order comes in for 5 or more signs it is really exciting to see.  When I received Heather V's (Tacoma, WA) order for 20 signs I was over the moon.  I had never talked with Heather but I could only assume she was taking a big leap in ordering so many signs.  I could not wait to get the signs in the mail to her knowing she would easily find homes and any worry she might be holding onto would be replaced with uplifting feelings of connection & hope as she shared what she was doing & handed off the signs to people who were happy to find them available.  This is the experience I have gotten to have over and over again these past 8 months.  Many times I have been filled with WTF am I doing w/ so many signs??  Did I over commit myself financially??  What if I cannot cover my expenses and am left holding tons of inventory?  They are real and valid feelings.  But I am driven, like I am sure Heather was, to take the risk given m...

August 9, 2017

I love seeing where the signs and shirts go. I dream of them being blanketed across the US...these woman have shared with friends, family, neighbors and clients as well as taking their cloths on vacation. Grateful!

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