June 26, 2017

These youngsters did an incredible job selling love to the Storm fans and letting them know what Spread Love 2017 was all about.

 So fun seeing the Storm's Jewell Loyd walk out of the locker room sporting Spread Love!  It was a great night and we are beyond grateful for the Seattle Storm's partnership!

June 21, 2017

Had a wonderful evening attending The Village of Hope's Wednesday night's community meeting and delivering $2,000 from Spread Love.  The organization is has strong initiatives supporting Black Lives Matter.  One of their primary focuses currently is supporting college level, for credit curriculum at Clallum Bay Corrections Center.  It is currently the only prison facility in the state offering education for inmates.  Inmates have embraced the educational opportunity and it is currently under threat of being discontinued by the state.  The Village of Hope, with other Washington State partners is working tirelessly to ensure the program is not terminated.

June 20, 2017

Grateful to Breanna Stewart, Crystal Langehorn & the Seattle Storm for joining the Spread Love movement!  

June 16, 2017

Dropping off this donation today Planned Parenthood pushes the Spread Love 2017 donations to $35,000!

That number will continue to grow in the weeks and months to come. The more www.spreadlove2017.com is be shared the faster it will grow.

Be a #UNITER and share the love!

Thank you Little Lago & Portage Bay Grange; Feed & Mercantile for being amazing Spread Love supporters!


June 16, 2017

This morning I found myself running past the Wishing Tree. (I knew it was in my neighborhood but had never seen it in person). I stopped in my tracks taking in the stunningly beautiful scene. There must be thousands of wishes hanging. So many wonderful thoughts and hopes. I sat down and wrote my own wish, took a few pictures, sat a bit longer to slow myself down & appreciate what was before me, what I have in my own life and let go of the overwhelming thoughts.

It was time to carry on and get back home. I rounded the corner and saw a Spread Love sign in the Wishing Tree's yard. My heart lifted once again with gratitude. I decided I must knock on the homeowner's door to express my thanks for the beautiful corner of wishes and for having a sign. The stranger opened the door & I shared my thanks. She shared why she started the Wishing Tree 2 years ago & we realized we had many things in common--photography, 3rd world travel, a love for peace and humanity...

June 15, 2017

Dropping in to deliver donations to the great organizations Spread Love 2017 is supporting is a big highlight of this campaign.  It was so wonderful to see the great people at Water 1st International again.  Thank you to Volunteer Park Cafe for donating your Spread Love $$ to Water 1st.

This $2,000 donation brings SL2017 giving total to $33,500 with more donations coming soon.  Hoping the love can continue to grow and reach the organizations doing great work on the ground.  Thank you Water 1st!

June 14, 2017

 Annie Reed was one of the 1st to order a Spread Love flag.  Fittingly, it made its inaugural flight today...FLAG DAY 2017!  Hoping more of these will be flying across the country soon!

June 12, 2017

The field was filled with thoughtful, energetic, beautiful people listening to powerful, brave voices standing up for equality for all. These marches are a good reminder that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. We must carry the connectedness and spirit felt during these marches into our daily lives. 

June 12, 2017

Hand delivery of one of the first flags ordered online...grateful to find a sign already displayed.
Fly a 🌈flag, post a sign, wear what you believe...why pick just one? Join the #SpreadLove2017 movement & follow this family's lead.

#seattle #seattlepride 

June 10, 2017

Buy a flag, FLY a flag!
Fly for #PRIDE2017, #4thofjuly & EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!
#spreadlove2017 #flag #strongertogether #silencehate #seattle #sanctuarycity #loveislove🌈 

June 9, 2017

We will be at #PrideMarch Sunday 6/11 at Cal Anderson Park from 10am on. Come find us and gear up for #Pride2017!

#strongertogether #seattle #pride #silencehate #loveislove #kindnessiseverything 

June 9, 2017

Portage Bay Grange joined the Spread Love movement at the end of February selling signs, postcards and bumper stickers to benefit Planned Parenthood. They continue to sell out and to date have raised over $2,000 for PPH & SL2017.  

If you have never visited this special spot in Seattle put it on your MUST DO list for the summer. It has something for all ages.  

Left a little @seattle.rocks behind with the recent re-supply delivery... a huge thank you to PBG for "BEING A LITTLE BOULDER"!! 

June 8, 2017

Seattle Storm & Spread Love joining forces

June 6, 2017

I am excited to launch a new website to provide more content to visitors than the first website had (which was zero as it was a basic eCommerce site that I quickly pulled together to provide the world with a place to buy Spread Love 2017 online).  

I am not a web designer, so it is a work in progress.  I am hoping to populate the blog w/ many of the posts I shared on Facebook as this campaign has grown.  Return to the blog over the next few wks and hopefully you will find more content that tells the Spread Love 2017 story.

If you have any questions, special talents or time to donate, I am always looking for people to join the movement and help me take this campaign as far as it can go.  

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